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Our Goals

Functional Osteopathy with Troy Bradley of 3DFC – Based in Preston Park, Brighton.BN16SL. We use our medical expertise to help to figure out how to redefine the way you move, train & play.

Functional Osteopathy 3DFC – Be treated, trained and rehabilitated like the athlete you are, the way your body was intended to function; efficiently & effectively – we create strategies to improve your movement patterns, not just individual muscles by using Functional Osteopathy, Z-Health applications, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, and Applied Functional Science principles and techniques.

Our aim is to redefine sports rehabilitation, training, prevention and performance! Using our functional understanding of biomechanics, gait analysis, functional movement analysis, foot types, and sports specific training and Neurology. This is personalised to you as an individual and your sporting level and goals.

My Story

Troy Bradley qualified as an Osteopathy in 2002 from the British school of Osteopathy.

He has travelled and worked abroad in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand (hence the accent). Where he started to specialise in sports related injuries and rehabilitation. Continuing Travels to Austria to work with Para-olympians for the winter games, 2014.

Learning from the best, he has completed the Fellowship of Applied Functional Science (AFS) course in America with the renowned physical therapist “the father of Function” Gary Gray at the Gray Institute (foremost leader of functional prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement). Along with J C Santana, referred to as “USA’s leading practitioner of functional fitness” iHP -institute of human performance, Troy has gained JC’s MMA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach course.

Having developed specific programs for all professional sports, youth fitness, fitness for the mature populations, and accelerated rehabilitation. His advanced understanding of biomechanics and functional rehabilitation combined with the depth of Osteopathy and Functional neurology; have made him the go-to guy for those interested in reaching their optimal performance levels, from individuals, to professional sports teams, like Premiership Football teams, and Aviva Premiership Rugby. Locally, establishing a connection with Local Hove and Sussex Rugby and Cricket players. Endorsed by Nike as a Performance Specialist, he has also been featured in Men’s Health Magazine and SkyLiving HD, and taught multiple seminars.

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"I have been to see Troy many times over the last couple of years, whenever I have had any problems as a result of my tough regime, getting ready for big fights. His knowledge is amazing and he has not only helped me solve the problems very quick, but also identified the things I can do to prevent problems reoccurring! I am blessed to have access to this level of care,"

Oli Thompson / BSM Winner

"I first met Troy during my world record attempt on a treadmill, he got me through the last few days of the week and past the former world record, he has a gift of making little tweeks to your body that make massive differences. I again began to work with Troy in the build up to the 246km Spartathlon race in Greece. The work we did together was cutting edge. He has a remarkable knowledge of the human body and how holistically it all works together. Again his small tweeks have made huge differences in my performance."

Dan Lawson / GB Team

"I would like to thank the Troy at the Training Pod for my speedy and successful return to cricket after my grade II hamstring tear. His attention to detail and his work with the athletic development trainers, the communication about my treatment to rehabilitation was unprecedented Not only did I return from injury 2 weeks early, I have also made huge gains in my ability as a player and sportsmen. The habits he ingrained into me, I have taken and integrated them into my sporting future."

Jordan Rollings / Surrey Cricketer

"After too many netball seasons multiple injuries, physiotherapists, never quite fixing me. I asked Troy at TTP to get me through one more season injury free. 9 months later I’ve played my first season at National league, been selected for the England Indoor Netball World Championship squad and feel like an athlete for the first time ever. I have to credit Troy at TTP for my successes and couldn’t have done it without him. Best season ever. thank you"

Danielle Lewis Collins / England Netball

"The training pod is a godsend of a place. For anyone, like me, that was always wary and conscious of traditional gyms, I'd finally found somewhere that training could be fun and motivational. Within four months of seeing Troy at the training pod I was lining up on the start line of the Brighton half marathon which I completed in just over two hours. This was all down the Troy working with the team at training pod and the environment of positive possibilities that they create."

Ryan Heal / Rockinghorse