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We offer our Patients a variety of services that they may need to improve and maximise their health, function and well being. This enhances our case management approach to each individual. We can only make this possible with the development of strong professional relationships throughout the United Kingdom and Other Countries. All of our partners and affiliates provide the same level of care and excellence and place the Patient’s interest first and foremost.

Our Partners

Brighton UniversityPrime Interim LimitedNikeBrighton & Hove FCAlbion in the CommunityThe Brighton AcademyAMN AcademyZ-HealthGray InstituteUK Strength Association

Clubs & Associations

Dynamic yogaThree Bridges FCLewes FCBrighton & Hove FCWellesley FCFree2play


"My fitness levels have hit an all-time high since team training with SNC Thunder on a weekly basis at The Training Pod. My game improved due to the fact I was able to gain more court time, had more confidence and because I was fitter, my shooting even seemed to improve!"

Sophie Natasha Jackson / Sussex Thunder GA

"I would like to thank the Troy at the Training Pod for my speedy and successful return to cricket after my grade II hamstring tear. His attention to detail and his work with the athletic development trainers, the communication about my treatment to rehabilitation was unprecedented Not only did I return from injury 2 weeks early, I have also made huge gains in my ability as a player and sportsmen. The habits he ingrained into me, I have taken and integrated them into my sporting future."

Jordan Rollings / SCCC